I feel like i've been asleep for so long.

I feel like i've been stuck in a nightmare.

sometimes it feels like a dream. 

but i'm ready to wake up. 

i'm ready to see the world with fresh eyes.

i'm ready to be the person I know I can be. 

not for you, 

but for me. 



Since 2016, I've been actively keeping a journal. I often find that as I read through past entries, themes emerge from my words. Once I began noticing broad themes across my journal, I wanted to dive deeper into the world of poetry. Inspired by Yrsa Daley-Ward and Rupi Kaur's work, I began writing poems based on my own experiences. 

If you want more of a creative glimpse into my mind, please take a look at just a few of the many poems I've written.

we all exist as part of a whole. 

we all exist as part of humanity. 

for so long, 

i've shut myself off from that. 

isolated myself. 

but it's time. 

it's time for me to open up.

to see i'm not


this pain is not only mine. 

it's part of who we are as beings. 

it's how we relate to one another. 

and it's time. 

it's time for me to be part of that. 


writing this is scary. 

it makes me feel dark and cold inside. 

it feels like i'm looking into a dark room 

and not seeing the other side.

it feels like i'm being faced with my darkest demons

and i can't escape them. 

but i need to write this. 

i need to write the fear out of me.