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My work with line editing, which I started taking an interest in a few years ago, produced multiple outcomes. The first was two rounds of edits I made to a former peer's manuscript. I also created a memo regarding my first round of edits and another for the second round. I was required to produce a style sheet with strict guidelines that I followed when making all edits. 


Similar to line editing, I also followed a pre-produced style sheet when I was proofreading. I proofread an unmarked digital manuscript against a previously published copy during the editing process. I was given an electronic and edited version of the print book then, as the proofreader, I checked the text that was generated against the original print copy. 


During both line editing and proofreading, I used my detail-oriented abilities to undertake the demands of such nuanced processes.  Each round of line editing came with its own responsibilities and, through those experiences, I familiarized myself with the technical processes, best practices, and communication strategies necessary for successful editing. When proofreading, I paid close attention to changes in spelling, punctuation, and font per the guidelines of the style sheet. 


Just to the left, you can take a look at some examples of my work. 

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