I began taking an interest in the field of editing during my junior year of college, and I was fortunate enough to gain experience with both line editing and proofreading. 


My work with line editing produced multiple outcomes, with the first being two rounds of edits made to a peer's manuscript with our acting manager as the audience. Along with the edits, I was tasked with writing a memo to the author regarding the first round of edits, and a memo to my manager regarding the second round. I was also required to produce a style sheet that I had to follow when making all of my edits. 


Similar to line editing, I was also required to follow a pre-produced style sheet when proofreading. During the process of making the edits, I was tasked with proofreading an unmarked digital proof of a manuscript against a previously published copy. The press used digital scanning and text recognition software to create electronic versions of print books then, as the proofreader, I checked the text that was generated against the print copy. 


Both line editing and proofreading allowed me to exercise my perfectionist tendencies as each undertaking demands attention to detail. Each round of line editing came with its own responsibilities and through those experiences, I familiarized myself with the technical processes, best practices, and communication strategies necessary for successful editing. When proofreading, I paid close attention to changes in spelling, punctuation, and font per the guidelines of the style sheet. 


Take a look at some of my line editing and proofreading work. 

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